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Explaining How The African American Church Went From Having Christ-Like Shepherds Who Served To Having  Satan-Elevating, Pope-Imitating, Souls-Ensnaring, Vestments Wearing High Maintenance Divas Who Require That All Who Gaze Upon Their Person Bow Down, Kiss Their Episcopal Rings And Worship 


Another Mind-Blowing Moses Henry Jones Book The Members Of The Joint College Of African American Pentecostal Bishops Don’t Want Their Local Church Members & Ministerial Staffs To Read! 


Nehushtan Idolized Bishops (15 chapters, 230 pages, 267 footnotes) answers the one question many African American churchgoers want answered – How did the Lord’s Church go from having Christ-like bishops who served to having deified gasbags its now required to elevate and venerate?  Nehushtan Idolized Bishops charges and rightfully so, that the kind of bishopric being showcased today in many Black churches is a highly paganized version of the ministry gift Christ gave His Church two thousand years ago.  Researcher and author Moses Henry Jones documents how New Testament episcopacy has undergone a complete debasing at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church and how this ministerial perversion has made its way into the leadership ranks of the Black Church in America via the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops.  In deriding contempt king Hezekiah called the idolized brazen serpent – Nehushtan and destroyed it by hammering ito bits.  So too does Mr. Jones, obliterating today’s new Nehushtan – the idol bishop with every heresy smashing chapter he has penned.  Nehushtan Idolized Bishops is a “must read that will prove to be a significant problem for all the egotripping, brazenfaced blowhards who in their delusional state of mind parade about in effeminate robes and Dorothy Gale ruby slippers demanding that all who gaze upon their person, bow down, kiss their episcopal rings and ignorantly worship!   


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