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The Eye-Opening, Mind-BlowingNitwit-Exposing E-Book That Completely Dismantles The Moronic, Idiotic,Retarded Narrative Put Forth By Jentezen Franklin In His Spirit Of Python Teaching!  




The Doctrines Of Dimwits Exposing Landmark E-Book Trilogy Mr. Kingdom Connection – Jentezen Franklin Never Imagined Would Be Written And Now Fears His Free Chapel Church Members And Christians Around The World Will Find Out About And Read! 


Volume 1 – SPIRIT OF PYTHON DUNCE: Showing How Jentezen Franklin’s Idiotic Interpretation Of Acts 16:16 Proves He Is A Biblical Moron –                                      10 Chapters, 155 Pages, 232 Footnotes.  


Volume 2 – SPIRIT OF PYTHON IGNORAMUS: Showing How Jentezen Franklin’s Imbecilic Ramblings On Acts 16:16 Proves He Is A Theological Blockhead – 11 Chapters, 155 pages, 240 Footnotes. 


Volume 3 – SPIRIT OF PYTHON RETARD: Showing How Jentezen Franklin’s Mindless Drivel On Acts 16:16 Proves Than When It Comes To Greek Mythology And Biblical Theology The Man Is A Pulpiteering Nitwit –                   9 Chapters, 176 Pages, 267 Footnotes. 


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