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Explaining How Much Of The African American Church Has Been Turned Into

An Ecumenical Three Ring Circus By An Apostolic Succession Braying, Canon Law Heehawing, Ever Expanding Joint College Of Asinine Acting, Vestments Wearing Charm School Bishops            

        A “Prophetic Rebuke” In E-Book Format That Is Making Grown Fools Whimper And Cry Like Spanked Little Babies!   


Crybaby Jackass Bishops (18 chapters, 295 pages, 357 footnotes) is the first in a series of eye-opening e-books no God-fearing, Christ-loving, Spirit-filled African American churchgoer can afford to ignore, and no member of The Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops can flippantly dismiss or ever discredit.  Every chapter in this Moses Henry Jones e-book is “edge of your seat” riveting and satirically prophetic, deriding all phony prelates and bombastic clerics who heehaw the fairytale of apostolic succession, tout worthless certificates of episcopacy and trot about dressed in expensive medieval-styled garments acting like a bunch of giddy Junior High School Cinderellas on their way to the Papal Ball Crybaby Jackass Bishops is proving be a nightmarish read for every African American minister who now brays “High Church” gibberish as a result of making the asinine choice of adopting the episcopal template of Papal Rome. Crybaby Jackass Bishops has been enthusiastically welcomed and highly praised by all who vigorously oppose the current Roman Catholic invasion of the African American Church.  But as expected, this “once in a generation” book is being utterly rejected and vehemently trashed by every episcopal Jack and Jenny who has polluted their souls by jumping into bed with the Harlot Church of Revelation 17.  Crybaby Jackass Bishops  another amazing Moses Henry Jones blockbuster of an e-book that is poised to spardesperately needed Protestant Reformation in today’s African American Church!                           

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