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                                 Showing How Many Unsuspecting African American Churchgoers Are               Currently Being Prepped To Collectively Welcome And Worship

The Soon Coming Antichrist  

And Do Not To Realize It 




Another Mind-Blowing Moses Henry Jones Book The Members Of The Joint College Of African American Pentecostal Bishops Don’t Want Their Local Church Members & Ministerial Staffs To Read! 



Beast Worship is the latest Moses Henry Jones e-book and the sequel to his previous blockbuster Draconian Tsunami.  Beast Worship begins where Draconian Tsunami left off the Devil executing his master plan of giving tens of thousands African American pastors Mystery Babylon makeover and re-staffing congregations with these episcopal abominations. Beast Worship meticulously documents how African American church members across the United States are currently receiving a crash course on the proper protocols and subtle nuances of Antichrist worship as outlined in Revelation 13.  To make matters worse, these unsuspecting churchgoers are quickly going from being indoctrinated iend-time idolatry to participating in this forbidden mode of worship.  This takes place when saints, who are book of Revelation illiterate, sheepishly obey the command given by the likes of chief consecrator Archbishop J. Delano Ellis II to bow before and kiss the episcopal ring of their high-nosed, high maintenance, low I.Q. monarchial bishop after he/she habeen enthroned as a stand-in antichrist by the “Clown Prince of Episcopacy” and his accompanying entourage of Charm School skirts wearing Nancys from the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops.  Beast Worship, another groundbreaking expose' and prophetic gem by Moses Henry Jones that is bound to open many eyes and cause a mass exodus out of these Satan hijacked churches (II Corinthians 6:17; Revelation 18:4).   


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