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             Jesus said, 

                                “Freely you have received, freely give.”

                                                                                                         Matthew 10:8  


A Superb Educational Opportunity For All Who Desire To Enter The Ministry But Can’t Afford The Cost Of Ministerial Training!




The International Institute of Biblical & Ministerial Studies is a TUITION-FREE

NON-ACCREDITEDNON-DEGREE GRANTING institution of higher learning dedicated

to equipping Christians around the world for God-approved, Christ-centered,

Holy Ghost-empowered local church ministry (I Timothy 2:15: I Corinthians 1:23-24; Acts 1:8).





Ministry Training Program: 


This online ministry training program is unique, in that, it is designed to provide students with much relevant and extremely useful information, that if applied, will ensure that they serve their local churches in a manner that glorifies Christ, is well-pleasing to God the Father and fully endorsed and backed by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 4:18-19; Ephesians 4:30; 5:1-2).  This cutting-edge training program provides the student with a plethora of "MINISTRY TOPICS" not offered in today's conventional Bible Institutes.  IIBMS tackles topics most Bible Institutes will never touch.  This ministry training program is for the SERIOUS, NO-NONSENSE STUDENT who has one thing in mind - to serve GOD'S PEOPLE, GOD'S WAY during these days of growing apostasy and a vast departure from biblical standards!         



  Flexible Schedule: 


Once a week, Ministry Program enrollees are required to attend a two-hour online lecture.  Each lecture comes with an extensive outline that will be emailed on a weekly basis.   Each student has the choice of attending the class LIVE or listening to the lecture at a time that is convenient for them.  Each lecture is archived to provide listening flexibility to everyone enrolled in this unique study program.



Registering For The Online Ministry Training Program: 


Registering for the Ministry Training Program is easy.  Just email us at and you will be OFFICIALLY REGISTERED.  Soon after, you will be instructed on how to attend our online classes and you will be well on your way to serving the Lord and His people. Don’t Delay, Register Today!